RUBEN EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST was established on 13. 02. 2002. It has instated Ruben Martric. Higher Secondary School, Ruben Teacher Training Institute and Ruben College of Education. Dr. M. Ruben and Mrs. Chandrakala Ruben are our Founder Chairman and Secretary .Ruben Educational and Charitable trust is a perfect example for having found Ruben Group of Institutions aiming at rendering educationally excellent service to the society in the rural area

welcome to ruben group of institutions

Our vision is to strive to provide the cult of: 
*Gnana (knowledge) 
*Dharma (righteousness) 
*Sneha (love),Conduct quality programmes and projects to train manpower for development of teacher education system

Producing high quality preceptors with leadership and professional commitment. 

Developing positive attitude, Values, ideas and ideologies. Inculcating a genuine concern for one's society and environment. Nurturing the value of humanism,spiritualism and cultural purism among budding teachers. Attaining  enlightenment, enrichment and empowerment.