Welcome to Ruben Group of Institution


The multipurpose laboratory has been equipped with all necessary materials and apparatus related to the syllabus. In addition the provision for Computer Lab, Work Experience in workshop, Audio Visual Lab, Technology Lab and psychology lab will make the student teachers more resourceful and competent for the job.

Computer Laboratory

The college has a computer lab with 14 computers and 5 printers. The student teachers are free to use the internet facilities for their studies and reference works. In addition to the above, the student teachers are free to make use of the laboratory for preparing power point presentations, computer aided learning packages and software related to education.

Educational Technology Laboratory  

This is a well equipped Educational Technology centre where we have got the following items such as Over-head projector, VCR, TV, epidiascope, slide projector and tape recorders, LCD projector, Digital Cameras and Digital and Manuel video cameras. The students make use of the above items effectively in their teaching learning process.
Film Strip Projector, Slide Projector, TV, VCD, Tape Recorder, Still Camera, OHP, Epidiascope and LCD are available.

Science Laboratories

The college has well equipped laboratories for Physical science and Biological science in the campus. All the apparatus required for conducting practicals from 6th to 12th standards are available in the library.

  • Biological Science & Physical Science
  • Both Biological Science and Physical Science lab facilities are provided on sharing basis with our campus school

Psychology Laboratory

The college language laboratory has a number of audio and video cassettes, to train the student's teachers in communication skills, spoken English and Phonetics.
Software and hardware items, such as. TV, DVD Player, Computers, Amplifier, Collar mike and head phones with mike. The student teachers listen to native English and practice pronounciation, stress, accent, intonation and spoken English. The lab is attached with computer laboratory.