Why children should be boarders?

Boarding offers a unique educational experience to all children. It combines academic, extra-curricular experienced and social skills in a way that cannot be achieved elsewhere. Located within the extensive rural estate. Ruben Matric. Hr. Sec. School has boarding houses for both boys and girls. Children are accommodated in dormitories according to their age.

The head of boarding is supported by trained staff and fully qualified Nursing Sister. In addition, the younger children will be under the care and guidance of specially trained matrons. The emphasis is very much on a firm, fair and friendly environment in a ‘home from home’ atmosphere. On most weekends, parents of boarders may collect their children after school on Saturday and return them on Sunday evening.

The boarding houses are modern and well equipped. Dormitories are spacious and well ventilated and the houses have excellent facilities, making them homely and appealing to children. There is a modern dining hall with trained chefs providing a wholesome and nutritious diet.  In their free time children can take part in many activates and enjoy the excellent facilities provided by the school.

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